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AR App for Retailers Association

This local Retailers Association Unió de Botiguers de Cambrils, UBC  has launched a new mobile App developed by VisualifeAR. It’s a Factory App that includes information about the entity, the shop members, all active promotions and a complete agenda of activities. 

This new digital tool allows the Association to connect with its members (shops) and with their customers at the same time by Customer Engagement actions like interactive games and personalized digital content in Augmented Reality. 


One of the most successful marketing actions is a magic gift card that can be bought at any shop member of the Association in Cambrils (Tarragona, Spain). As a unique feature, it allows the person that buys it to add a video message in Augmented Reality that can be viewed when hovering over the card with the  UBC App. It becomes a fully personalized experience!

The App we have developed for UBC is a Factory App. It can be self-managed through a website dashboard  for editing and publishing information, promotions and product features.

They can update all App sections with news, events, promotions and other kind of information in an easy , quick and user friendly way. There is no need then to upload a new version of the App to the markets every time the product owner changes the content.

Our service includes access to ARStudio, our Augmented Reality experiences platform so that amazing promotions like the Magic Gift Card can be created!


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