Zamora Company: Travel Retail Campaign at Duty Free airport POS


Zamora Company is a Spanish corporation with a strong multinational focus. It is strongly consolidated in the Spanish market as well as internationally. It has built a global portfolio of fantastic wines and premium spirits.  Martin Miller’s, Lolea and Licor 43 are three of their more popular brands.
Zamora Company launched, together with VisualifeAR, a marketing campaign focused on travel retail. 

We named it: “Message in a bottle”. It took place at three Duty Free spaces in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza airports.

The main goal was to promote Martin Miller’s, Lolea and Licor 43 brands using AR on the bottle labels.

We agreed to use our plugin SNAPS to let final users to personalize their gifts by adding a secret message through the label. We also developed a branded Factory App uploaded to Android and IOS markets with the name of the action: “Message in a bottle”

La app had 4 chapters:

  1. Secret Message: End customer could upload a video message directly from his/her device in order to personalize the label using AR. The person who received the bottle could also use this chapter to view the message by scanning the label.
  1. Licor 43: this chapter has all information and videos of the brand.
  2. Lolea: this chapter has all information and videos of the brand.
  3. Martin Miller’s: this chapter has all information and videos of the brand.

In order to complete a successful communication strategy for the 17 days long campaign, the company printed information flyers that were delivered by the promoters in order to better explain the action and welcome customers to participate.

The app also had a login feature so Zamora could gather some interesting leads.

Augmented Reality adds value to marketing campaigns, even more at Duty free shops were brands have to fight in a red ocean.