ESCAPE ROOM Kill the Virus – C.C. Miramar


Miramar Shopping Mall in Fuengirola was the first one in Spain to launch a Virtual  Escape Room with Augmented Reality.  It took place in November 2020 and more than 120 teams (2 to 5 players each) participated. 

Kill the Virus is a quiz game that can be played in the Shopping Mall or at home. It is the perfect plan to spend an amazing afternoon with friends. 

Learn more about it here:

Atention fearless guys! At Miramar Shopping Mall we launch  “Kill the virus”, a game for you to build a super plan at home. You’ll be able to access from our renewed App with extra functionalities with augmented reality . Who dares to beat the virus? Let’s play!

What is  “Kill the virus” about?
“Kill the virus” proposes you to transform your home in an enigmatic escape game. It is designed so that two to ten people can play. One of them will be the “Game Master”, who will take care of  hidding the cards around the house according to the instructions so that the rest can solve the mistery.

Players will “travel” to a lab where they must decipher a key enigma for the future of humanity. The ultimate goal is to discover the genetic sequence of the virus.

How can I play?
The game rules are very simple:
– Pick up your escape kit at the Information Desk or download it here
– Print the game cards if you have downloaded them. (You can also play without a printer, read the instructions about how to do it).
– Hide the cards in secret places following the game instructions. 

What kind of rewards can I get? 
There will be three winners that will get a gift card with  300€, 200€ and 100€ to be spent in products at our GAME shop .

In addition to that, if you want to win a “Kill the Virus” t-shirt come to the Shopping Mall and find out a last challenge that we have placed at the main entrance. If you solve the enigma you’ll get a free T-shirt! 

It’s in your hands to save Humanity!