Loewe included  a magic gift card when buying their perfume AIRE. This promotion took place during the Mother’s Day campaign. The gift card could be embeded with a video greeting message in Augmented Reality that could be viewed thanks to a secret code!

The step by step process was very easy. The customer that bought the present should download our App and go to the Loewe channel. Once there he/she would hover over the card and follow the instructions step by step: Insert the code, upload the video and wait a few seconds until it is fully processed. 

The recipient of the gift would only have to hover over the card and enter the code to see the message.

All codes are unique and only the people having a magic gift card can read them. This way we guarantee privacy of all videos that can only be viewed through our app. All videos could be viewed as many times as needed during the Mother’s day campaign period. 

A detail that maximizes the gift-giving experience. A perfect example of one of our AR Experiences. It is ideal either for gifts bought at brick and mortar than e-commerce. Our plugin Snaps makes it possible, a nice gift in a box becomes a delicious emotional moment.