Is there a minimum permanence commitment? what about the cancellation policy?

Our FUN and BUSINESS subscriptions have a minimum permanence of ONE month. The service can be cancelled after that period by sending an email to  info@visualife.es .


What is the return policy for FUN and BUSINESS Subscriptions?

There is only one case when a refund can be asked. If the subscriber, due to technical failure, has not been able to use the service and our Customer service team has not solved the problem in less than 15 days from the moment the issue has been communicated by email to info@visualife.es , then the subscriber can ask for a refund of maximum 1 month subscription. Therefore, the subscription will be cancelled. 


What about the AR experiences created by the subscriber that has cancelled the service? 

When a user unsubscribes all created experiences will still be active 7 extra days. After the grace period, images will be no longer active however they will remain in our cloud server for 3 months. Then, if the subscriber has not renewed the service everything will be deleted forever from our cloud server. 


What kind of services does a FUN subscription to AR STUDIO include? 

Our FUN subscription includes unlimited use of our cloud software (considering the use limitations of every pricing plan indicated in our Pricing page in this website) . All AR Experiences published at ARSTUDIO will be viewed through our EmotionsAR App (IOS/Android). This App is free to download for end users. 


What is an AR HIT?

We consider an AR Hit everytime an end user opens an App session and hovers his/her mobile device over an image that has been uploaded to ARSTUDIO. The number of hits also depends on the time the end user spends watching the AR content as it is not a standard time for every digital content. It depends on the length of the video or the audio. It also depends on the quality of the WIFI or internet connection (3G/4G/5G) as well as the quality of the mobile device. 


How does the subscriber control the number of hits? 

Every subscriber can access our analytics dasboard by using their personal ID. There he/she will be able to check number of hits in realtime.  


What services does the BUSINESS FACTORY subscription to AR STUDIO include? 

BUSINESS FACTORY  subscription allows you to create unlimited number of AR experiences (always linked to the limited number of hits according to each TIER). All plugins can be used and all campaings are monitorized in real time. A full branded App (IOS/Android) is included in this subscription . This Factory App has several functionalities as well as an AR Camera to view all AR experiences. 


What functionalities does my App Factory have? 

The Factory App includes a user registration option, company news, events calendar, featured products  and an AR Camera. All content within theses sections can be edited and published from our Factory web service available and personalized for every subscriber. All changes can be edited in real time and they will all be immediately published in the app. There is no need to upload a new App version everytime changes are published. 


What’s the commitment period required for a BUSINESS subscription ?

Both ours and your team will invest time and resources in this project. That’s why we ask for a minimum 12 month commitment . This is however not a mandatory condition as we can apply a (higher) monthly rate.  


How can you pay our subscriptions?

Payments are preferably made by credit card. Other payment methods are possible. Please ask our Financial dept. at  info@visualife.es


What’s the meaning of an Extra Hit and how it is charged to the subscriber?

Number of monthly hits are chosen when selecting a tier in our pricing plans. In case of overage, extra hits will be charged/invoiced at the end of the month at a fixed rate of €50 CPM (Cost per Mile=Thousand). You can alternatively buy extra BONUS hits at a fixed price by asking our Customer Success team at    info@visualife.es


Can I set a CAP (limit of hits) for a specific campaign or period? 

Yes, of course. You can fix your own limit. Our Customer Success team will be pleased to help you in this matter and you’ll get notified about your account CAP. 

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